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November 13, 2013
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Elementary Contest Entry: Leipzig by LullabyDance Elementary Contest Entry: Leipzig by LullabyDance
Wuhuu, I'm done~ this took me quite a while but I love him so much ;w; he's just too adorable and cute >u< and I finally fixed my pencil and now the outlines look better ^^ by the way, what is anatomy? 8D
Contest entry for :iconaph-elementary: wanted to enter a male and that's why you get the Nyotalia version of my OC XD

:bulletblue:Name: Josef Koch
:bulletblue:Nickname: -Jojo or Joshi (by the girls)
                    -Josh or Seppel (by the boys)
:bulletblue:Age: 16 (but looks like 13/14 lol)
:bulletblue:Appearance: He has greyish blue eyes and dark blond hair. His skin color is a bit pale and you see him rarely wear his clothes properly. While he was still in the Gym Subject, he never wore his tie and jacket.
:bulletblue:Represents: Leipzig, a city in western Saxony, in the middle-east of Germany.
:bulletred::bulletorange:Subjects: He started in Gym but because of several reasons he went to the Woodshop Subject. He is a member of the extra subject Textiles.

Josef seems to be a quiet and shy boy. However that is only a wrong first impression. He likes to talk a lot, but doesn't has the chance to do it often. He is very polite and if he interupts someone while talking, he will start blushing like mad. Most of the time he has a seemingly bored expression and most people consider him lazy and easily bored. But that expression is no bored expression, he always looks like that when he's serious about something. Though it's not that hard to get a smile from him, especially if he talks with a beautiful girl, there are only a few people who can make him laugh out loud. The most of his friends say that he is fun to be with, he being mostly calm and friendly but you can easily get him to play a prank etc. Despite that all he is very strong, but he can't use his strength when he wants to. He loves to help others, yet he is always scared of failing: he starts to think too much about it and then he automatically will fail on what he is doing.
One of his bad characteristics is holding a grudge. If you made him angry one time or really hurt him, he won't forgive you very fast. He isn't specially touchy about certain topics, it's more that he is annoyed by certain characteristics of a person. If he stays too long with such a person he gets very pissed and may snap. It could happen that he starts hurting the person physicaly. One time started, it's hard to get him to stop.
He is very creative and curious. He already watched some of the giants in secrecy and discovered footballsoccer to be a fun sport. Together with Antonio he developed it for Dwellers. Another hobby of him, is to play the flute, a thing he got from the giants, too. He build his own little flute and enjoys making music on his own, just for himself.

When Josef joined the Gym, he fast got attached to Sadiqh's group. However, everytime he met Ivan, he got greatly annoyed by the other. It went on and every time, Jose got more an more annoyed. It came as it had to come: one day Josef simply exploded and hit Ivan. The big Dweller fought back and they both got away with some serious injuries. After that everyone looked that they wouldn't work together anymore. Josef was scared by himself and by Ivan and started skipping his dutys. That went on until he had a fight with Alfred. Alfred always forgot who he was and that got Josef annoyed and deeply hurt, that he started to attack Alfred. Again, Josef was the one who blamed himself and hid from all his friends and the other dwellers. He didn't wanted to talk. Frustrated that he had no self-control, he took some materials and builded something out of it. It was kind of a strange sculpture. When building this, he got watched by Tino, who was impressed of Josef's skills. Excited he got Berwald and they both offered Josef to join their subject. It was a chance for Josef, to start over and he didn't came far in his training at the Gym. Everybody else were glad that Josef found a better place, where he was more at peace and could use all his creative potential. He still trades materials with other dwellers for Woodshop and Textiles. The guys like to tease him with the fact, that he is the only boy in Textiles, but Josef only smiles over that.


Nobody knows how it came, but these two don't get along. Josef seems to hate Ivan by the bottom of his heart and gets very easily insulted by Ivans remarks. Furthermore Josef is scared of his smile and childish behaviour - but he gets very fast annoyed of it.

Josef tries to stay out of the creepy females way. He is good at hiding from her, because she often searches for him when he got into a fight with Ivan again and he does not want to know what she will do to him, if she ever finds him.

They like each other and Mathias even considers them friends. They liked working together and they were a good team. Mathias got them into trouble several times but Josef never really cared. He doesn't shows it that often, but Josef likes Mathias very much.

Josef doesn't knows how to act when with Gupta. Both not being the great talkers, they had their problems to communicate, yet they liked working together.

Vash was one of the persons who tried to stop the fighting between Josef and Ivan. He only wanted his peace, but Josef is very thankfull to him and a bit intimidated - he really doesn't likes to get yelled at by Vash.

Josef likes Sadiqh - Sadiqh loves Josef (like a little brother, that is). He is all over his so called "cute, little boy". Josef always blushes like mad when Sadiqh is hugging him and telling him how proud he is and how adorable Josef looks, etc.
(This is a fact about my city. There are so many Turkish people here, that it isn't funny anymore. I mean, they're everywhere!)

Josef likes her, but he never got to talk to her. He always only saw her from far and never got to know her.

They didn't had that much contact. Josef avoided him, because Alfreds attitude always got under his skin. Alfred never remembered Josefs name or that he had met him before and forgot that he had very fast every time they met. Now he memorized his name but Josef only ignores him when they meet.

Josef has his problems to understand the other. He got to know him through Sadiq and is always a bit careful around him. He is always a bit surprised when he thinks that Valon is doing nothing while with him and finds himself in trouble afterwards but he isn't angry about it. He's already used to it because of Mathias.

Josef gets a bit uneasy when around him. He doesn't feels very comfortable with Zorans behaviour but on the other side he would like to know him a better and talk to him more.

They mostly don't interact. They know that the other one exists but don't bother to talk with them. They accept each other and that is everything.

Tino is very important to Josef. Tino always cheers him up and believes in his ideas or helps him, if he has an artblock. He listens to Josef and supports him, what Josef hasn't seen often from a friend.

It's surprising, but Josef and Berwald are very close. Josef can read without any problems in Berwalds face and Berwald often helps Josef with building his strange furniture. The others often say that they are like father and son.

They are good friends, helping each other and Josef even talks very much when with Toris.

Antonio is like a big brother for Josef. He took care of him and always welcomes the younger boy with open arms. Antonio is one of the persons who can make Josef truly laugh. They love to play football together or just talk and have a good time.

Josef has found a good friend and big sister in the female dweller. Emma likes to comfort him or give him sweets just to make him smile. He had a tiny crush on her but now he only sees a very good friend in her and enjoys her company.

Even though he likes Erica, he is still scared of Vash and tries to avoid any conflicts with him. They can peacefully work together but Josef never gets any closer to her.

She thinks that Josef is kawaii. She loves to hug him from behind but he is used to it and takes it with a shy smile. He likes to play with her hair or tickles her by the time she gets to clingy.

Josef thinks that she is nice, but he doesn't spends much time with her. He may be a little scared of getting in trouble with Ivan again. He treats her nicely but is always a bit stiff around her just in case he has to run for it.

:bulletred:Love interest: First I have to say, that Josef is bi. He is the kind of guy who easily gets a crush on someone and has it for a long time. Right now he seems to have fallen a bit for Zoran and he could have a crush on one of the San Marinos ;3 in the end it's your choice.

God, the bio took like forever! And I'm very sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, my english sucks ._.'' if you have any questions, just ask me^^
Well, I hope you like him and take good care of my baby ;w;
I think I have no chance <.< too many mistakes and open questions, right? ô_o x)

Josef Koch, Leipzig (c) :iconlullabydance:
APH Elementary (c) :iconmelonstyle:
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

I'm an idiot. I got distracted from Hetalia again. But it's such a wondeful show and a lovely fandom and... :'D going back now, doing my comissions~
aha, did somebody notice the differences in Josefs personality? He is not as hyper as fem!Leipzig XD
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